12 Reasons Geminis Are The Most Interesting

As an air sign, Geminis are best known for their intelligence and their active minds. They love to think, they love to learn and they never stop wondering about the unexplained possibilities of the universe.

It’s not that Geminis are two-faced or bipolar; they genuinely have two distinct sides to their personalities.

One moment it seems as though their warm, glowing smiles are a permanent physical attribute, and the next moment, they become dismissive and closed off.

Geminis are unpredictable, which only makes them irresistible.

Infamously known as “the twins”, Gemini gets a bad reputation for being shifty and two-faced, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. People say Geminis don’t know who they are, but in reality, they are everything (just not always at the same time).

Here’s why they’re irresistible:

They’re mysterious

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Geminis’ duality often makes them difficult for others to understand. They are strongly left-brained, but they are also strongly right-brained. They are rational and also emotional. One second they’ll be soaring through the sky, the next second the sky is falling and they’re falling with it.

A Gemini is confusing to others, which is ironic, because they themselves don’t like being confused. They always strive for clarity. If they don’t have answers, their minds will wander and they will come up with their own answers. This also means if there is a conflict, they’ll be direct with you and won’t play games.

If you’re close with a Gemini, you’ll appreciate their core stability, yet be pleasantly surprised by their random quirks and interests that pop up out of nowhere.

Geminis aren’t easily tied down.

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They float from one activity to the next, without paying much attention to who or what has remained constant.

If you find yourself lucky enough to have a committed relationship with a Gemini, don’t mess it up.

A Gemini needs genuine freedom and space and requires spontaneity and a little risk.

You’re in his or her life because a Gemini chose you, not because a Gemini needs you.

Allow him or her room to breathe, thank your lucky stars and enjoy the ride.

They’re passionate

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Yes, it’s true. Geminis are dramatic. It’s because they feel things very deeply.  Any relationship with a Gemini will be passionate and there will be bumps in the road. But the beauty of Gemini’s passion is that it comes from a desire to fix and to find solutions, not a desire to hurt or a result of a longstanding grudge.

They start conflict, not because they like to fight, but because they want an immediate resolution. Geminis forgive easily, and they move on easily like the wind.

Geminis always seek adventure.

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They are constantly involved in multiple activities, and it can be difficult to keep up.

This brings excitement and opportunity, two things necessary for an interesting partner.

Be prepared to learn and try new things, as dating a Gemini will expose you to experiences you never envisioned yourself having.

Geminis aren’t afraid to say what they think.

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Geminis are real; you’re going to hear some of the funniest sh*t around them.

People who gossip annoy them, so they won’t bad-mouth anyone. They tell the truth and express their opinions without thinking twice about who may hear them.

Geminis will tell you the truth, even if you don’t ask for it.

When Geminis become secretive, you know they care for you. They will soon reveal truths very few people have heard.

They’re highly adaptable

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One of Gemini’s biggest blessings in life is their ability to adapt to new situations. They are naturally well-adjusted and when new circumstances come along, they’re generally able to cope well. It may bring out new energies in them, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Geminis constantly surprise you.

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Life won’t get stale while dating a Gemini.

Their sense of adventure and curiosity about the world brings variety that’s exciting. Besides their energetic social lives, their personalities are surprising, as well.

Their secretive nature gradually allows small amounts of information to surface.

They do not wear their hearts on their sleeves, but give them enough time, and you will uncover something worth waiting for. Even years later, you will continue to learn more.

They’re loyal when it matters

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Geminis have an unfortunate reputation for being “gossipy” – but that’s only an impression that people get because Geminis love gathering and disseminating information (and only when they think it’s not secret or sensitive).

When it comes to your secrets, a Gemini will guard them with their life.

Geminis will never use the same tactic twice.

Fighting with a Gemini? Good luck. They are masters with their words.

Geminis are clever and quick on their feet; you’ll be beaten before you knew what was coming.

They’re intelligent and thoughtful

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You will be hard-pressed to find a Gemini who doesn’t love self-improvement, catching up on the news, expanding their knowledge through various means, watching the latest BBC documentaries, or reading their latest favorite book in private.

Despite their need for independence and personal freedom, they will be ridiculously excited to share all of their recently gleaned knowledge with you.

If you’re close with a Gemini, you are guaranteed to be well-informed on a wide range of topics.

Geminis have already forgotten about their exes.

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Change is the only constant in the lives of Geminis. People come and go in their social circles. Hell, they will up and leave their social groups for no other reason than to make a change.

Losing people doesn’t hurt them like it hurts other signs.

They are truly one with themselves, so they can openly discuss previous relationships without feelings resurfacing.

You will learn about what worked in a Gemini’s past and what didn’t, without having to ever be jealous.

They have the creativity to match

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No Gemini is just “one thing”. They embrace linear thinking and logic, but their dual nature makes them equally capable of creative talent.

Some of the best artistic works have been created by Geminis who were trying to make sense of themselves, their place in the world and their complex emotions. Challenging as it may seem, as the “ruler of communication”, they seem to find a way at the end. And when they do, the outcome is always beautiful, unique and profoundly deep.

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