8 Cancer Symptoms Women Are Likely to Ignore

Many cancers can have non-specific or usual symptoms which can easily not be taken seriously. This list is here to hopefully help you understand more about the symptoms that women are more likely to ignore, so that if anything feels off; you visit a medical professional right away.

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Light spotting is a possible occurrence even in women who have gone through menopause. However, if the spotting is abundant and resembles a period it is a more serious sign. In fact, period-like symptoms in menopausal women are serious indicators of uterine cancer. The good news is, if diagnosed and treated early, uterine cancer can have good survival rates.

1-Breast dimpling, discoloration, or other changes

A breast lump is not the only symptom indicative of breast cancer. In fact, many other signs can occur, such as nipple inversion, nipple discharge, skin discoloration, tenderness, swelling or a dimpled aspect. These signs don’t necessarily mean it’s cancer, but they definitely mean that medical attention should be sought after and that it shouldn’t be delayed.


Bloating is a common symptom for women, especially during periods. But bloating can be a more serious symptom, especially if associated with constipation or pelvic pain. In this case, it can be a symptom of ovarian cancer or uterine cancer.

If you notice you are feeling bloated even if you’re not on your period, or if you feel full despite a light appetite, maybe you should ask a doctor to take a closer look.

3-Abnormal periods or pelvic pain

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Abdominal pain is another common symptom in women, whether it’s caused by menstrual cramps or indigestion and bloating. This symptom, however, can mean more serious conditions, especially if associated with heavy periods or irregular ones. In this case, as a doctor for a check-up in order to make sure you’re free of uterine, ovarian or vaginal cancers.

4-Chronic coughing

Coughing can be a usual symptom, especially during allergy season or the colder months. But there are certain signs to watch out for as they could mean the coughing is a serious sign.

If it persists for more than 3 weeks or you happen to cough up a little blood; there is definitely a need for concern as this can indicate very serious issues such as lung cancer or leukemia. Go To Next Page To See More.

5-Stomach pain or nausea

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Stomach pain is such a common and frequent symptom that it will rarely be considered anything serious. However, Nausea and stomach pain can be caused by some serious diseases, such as esophageal, pancreatic, liver, or colorectal cancer as well as leukemia. So next time you find you have an upset stomach that doesn’t seem to go away, please consider visiting a doctor.

6-Frequent fevers or infection

Frequent fever and lingering infections could be a sign of immune-depression. Persistent flu-like symptoms could also suggest immune-depression. Immuno-depression is a state in which the immune system is unhealthy, and finds itself unable to fight germs and microbes. Immuno-depression can happen in many cancers, and most importantly blood cancer such as Leukemia.

7-Difficulty swallowing

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Difficulty swallowing or a sore throat can be caused by a number of reasons, both non serious such as the cold or flu; or more serious conditions such as esophageal cancer or laryngeal cancer.

In some cases, even stomach and lung cancers can present with a difficulty swallowing. So if you ever experience a persistent sore throat with difficulty swallowing; consider visiting a medical professional.

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